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Web-Based Solutions

Take full advantage of what networked, cross-platform solutions can offer you and your patients. We craft websites, portals, communication systems and other distributed solutions to precisely fit your needs.

Mobile Solutions

With smart phones and wearable technology becoming increasingly ubiquitous, we help you create apps which bring your practice to the next level.


Looking to invest in new, or upgrade your existing infrastructure? We help you find the right hardware and software setups for your unique circumstances.

Our vision and mission

Technology constantly advances, and so must healthcare

We live in an epoch of unprecedented developments in the applied sciences. On an almost daily basis, new discoveries, inventions and technologies allow us to push boundaries in every aspect of life, from simple management of personal data to advanced surgical procedures.

Technology is an especially potent force in one of the most important sectors of contemporary society – healthcare. Actors in this sector are today faced with a plethora of challenges, ranging from secure management of massive amounts of patient records to the effective administration of drugs and medical interventions.

A crucial tool for meeting these challenges is software. Healthcare in the modern world is virtually unfeasible apart from digital technology, and advanced software solutions are needed to closely connect that technology to doctors and administrators. With smarphones, pads, and “wearable technology” becoming increasingly more common, opportunities are also opening up for re-thinking how doctors carry out their work, leveraging the advantages of technology to greatly augment it.

About MediLog Technologies

The mission of MediLog Technologies is to bring healthcare to its full potential through advanced software solutions. As professionals coming from both the healthcare and IT sectors, we combine a deep understanding of current needs and procedures in healthcare, with expert knowledge of software engineering and forward-thinking, in order to provide the medical software of tomorrow and beyond.







The Team

Thilan Perera

Thilan Perera


Thilan is a Sri Lankan national, currently engaged in the Healthcare industry in Malta. Possessing backgrounds in both health sciences and bio-entrepreneurship, he has been actively involved with ventures pertaining to both Healthcare and NGO management in Sri-Lanka, Sweden and Latvia.

Thilan is also the Co-Founder / Director of Perera Holdings (Pvt) Ltd which functions as a business incubator for innovative start-ups in Sri Lanka. Cultivating a sound but firm business acumen since his early days, Thilan believes that creativity is the first step into innovative thinking which eventually yields sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

Sashi Rajendram

Sashi Rajendram


Sashi is a Singaporean national, with an extensive background in both Biomedical Sciences and Entrepreneurship. He possesses hands-on experience in driving business start-ups within the Clinical Pharmacology and Medical Devices industries and is now overseeing the overall business development of MediLog Technologies. Having lived and studied in Australia, the United Kingdom and Sweden, Sashi possesses a keen interest in key global trends and acknowledges the importance international collaboration holds, in driving innovative solutions into an increasingly globalized society.

Christopher Svanefalk

Christopher Svanefalk


Christopher is a Swedish software engineer and programmer specializing in verification technology. He has experiences in both innovative IT projects and NGO management, and is a keen advocate within the IT research field. Having lived and studied in Jamaica and Croatia, his international exposure has granted him a great advantage in developing solutions across borders and cultures. Christopher is a firm believer of utilizing technology at its highest potential to empower humanity.




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